Acrobatic Arts

Dance2drama are proud to be a Certified Studio of the Acrobatic Arts programme.

What is Acrobatic Arts?

If you find your little one cartwheeling and tumbling all over the place this class is perfect for them.

Our new Acrobatic Arts syllabus teaches children how to progress at a steady level using some gymnastics and dance based disciplines.

Children will learn to develop a confidence to manage tumbling skills within their Dance movements with technique.

They will learn simple progressions that are safely encouraged by the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

Acrobatics is very similar to gymnastics, in the way that the students learn cartwheels, bridges etc. But it is ultimately an art form that incorporates Dance and partner work as well. It is extremely beneficial for dancers in building their strength, flexibility and muscle control.

Your teacher has been trained by Acrobatic Arts and has passed the level 1 Module written and practical exam.

What should my child wear for the class?

There is a set uniform of a leotard and shorts/leggings however for the trial period they may wear a leotard or fitted t shirt and leggings.

No shoes or socks or tights will be permitted as the student must be bare foot.

Boys wear shorts and t shirt tucked in shorts.

No watches or jewelry to be worn

Hair must be in a ballet bun or short hair in ponytail.

*No loose clothing is to be worn. Parents please note this is a hands on class and your teacher will            need to correct your child to assist her/him with the moves.

Parents must inform the teacher of any injuries incurred outside of the class.

parents will be asked to sign a waiver.