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Parent Handbook

Last updated:
01 September 2021


Mission Statement
  • At Dance2drama you can expect to create lifelong friendships, memories and a love of performing.

  • Since 1995 our caring team have had a passion for providing quality training in Dance & Musical Theatre.

  • Whether you’re looking for fun recreational classes or aspire to be a professional performer, everyone deserves to be guided through their journey by dedicated staff in a safe environment where they can shine.


We Provide


The Fees

Fees are paid in 5 week blocks and should be paid by the first week of each block.

  • Payments may be made by cash, or via our online Parent Portal.

  • Fees paid after 10 days will incur a late payment fee of £10.00

  • ALL missed classes must be paid for with the exception of a doctors note or hospital stay.

  • If you no longer wish to continue classes at Dance2drama half a terms notice must be given otherwise you will be charged payment for half a term fees.

Please note if all outstanding fees are not paid 10 days after the invoice was issued, the pupil / pupils will not be allowed to attend class until payments are brought up to date.


Our Uniform
  • There is a uniform for the school and this must be obtained through the school.

  • The Uniform can be found on our Parent Portal.


  • It is normally expected that the uniform is purchased 2 weeks after joining the school.

  • Pupils must take pride in their appearance and hair MUST be tied back at all times.

  • Baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts are NOT permitted

  • Uniform MUST be clean at all sessions.


  • The school prides itself on achieving a very high standard of exam results.

  • The children are trained in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus (I.S.T.D)

  • Children are only entered for exams when the principal of the school thinks they are capable of achieving a pass.

  • Parents will be notified by letter and asked to sign a consent form to participate in exams .

  • Payments for exams MUST be paid in full two months prior to the date of the exam.

  • If you have to cancel an exam due to an illness or injury up to 50% of the exam maybe refunded, if eight weeks notice is given along with a medical certificate.

  • Parents are welcome to pay for exams in instalments as long as they are paid in full, eight weeks prior to exam date.

  • Results and certificates are usually received 6-8 weeks after the exam day.


  • The school hosts its own big show at the Thameside Theatre every 2 years and all children are invited to participate in the performance.

  • The show is fully costumed.

  • Costumes are hired or purchased by the parent/ guardian.

  • Parents are invoiced prior to the show and must pay this invoice in full prior to the show.

  • Parents are expected to fully support the school in purchasing tickets for the performance.

  • Any help towards the preparations for the show, this includes: prop making and designing as well as selling programmes on the day, helping in the costume department etc will be gratefully appreciated.

  • Please let your talents be known!


Parent Watching Days
  • We do not hold weekly parents watching classes, as this allows the children to concentrate and feel free to express themselves in the class, however at various times throughout the year parents will be invited to come along and watch the children in class to see their progress.

  • We have a foyer area for parents to wait, and are welcome to help themselves to a tea/ coffee.


Our Past Performances
  • West End for Mardi Gras Promotions

  • Disneyland Paris shows

  • Young Performers shows

  • class talent shows

  • Bobby Dazzlers

  • Dance D-Finity Shows

  • Thameside Theatre

  • Starmaker Show, Thameside Theatre

  • Record Breakers

  • Jubilee Festival in Hyde Park London.

  • Angelina Ballerina “The Mousical” musical Tour production

  • Cliffs Pavillion

  • The North Stifford Fete

  • West Thurrock Academy Fete

  • Cowdray Hall Community Day

  • The Orsett show

  • Thameside Theatre "out of the darkness" young producers show


Additional Requests
  • It would be appreciated if pupils are absent from class due to school trips, holidays or illness, that parents contact the principal regarding the absence.

  • We have a Facebook page so please check for updates regarding information about the school such as cancelled classes and news updates.

  •  Dance2drama Performing Arts Academy is an associate school for the Royal Opera House Chance to Dance Programme and accepts Bursary students from the Royal Opera House Chance to Dance Programme.


Important Links
  • telephone-handle-silhouette
  • envelope-of-white-paper
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

We have a Private parent page on Facebook and Group chats on WhatsApp with exclusive access for parents/ guardians to access information and photos. In order to access this, you will be given a link via email when you join the school


  • Dance2drama asks that all parents ensure that their child is fully committed to attending each and every one of their classes and rehearsals, any pupils that are missing classes or rehearsals without prior consent from the principal or due to a medical illness may result in not being able to take part in events or may be asked to leave the school.

  • When joining the school all parents MUST register themselves and their children on the Parent Portal to ensure that you provide an up to date email address and any other required information.

  • We deliver our emails through emails and dancestudio pro so you need to make sure your email client accepts these and ensure that your email client doesn’t send any emails from these sources to spam/ junk folders.

  • All parents must inform the Principal of any health or special needs their child may have.

  • Children signing up for Acrobatic Arts will be required to sign a waiver form in order to participate in the class.

  • All teachers are insured and DBS checked.

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