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Privacy Policy

Last updated:
01 September 2021

What information do we hold?

Our secure database will hold information about past, present, and potential students.

We do not share any personal data without prior consent from parents. This could include personal data for examination boards, shows and show organisers, school trips, and Disneyland Show, organisers.

Information we hold includes:

  • Parent/Guardians:

    • Name

    • address

    • email

    • home phone

    • mobile Phone

    • emergency contact numbers.

  • Students:

    • Name

    • date of birth

    • examination PIN number

    • medical conditions regarding the student.

  • Educational school attending

  • Any classes attending.


We need this information to run Dance2drama Academy and to allow your child to participate in Exams and events, and to email parents invoices, and newsletters.

Keeping you informed :

Dance2drama Academy would like to inform you of future events and news within the Academy which will be done via email, which you can subscribe/ unsubscribe from at any time.

We will not send you marketing messages if you inform us you do not wish to receive them.

But may still need to send you occasional service-related emails, which could include new classes or opportunities for your child.

How long do we keep your information?

When a student leaves the academy, we keep them on the database marked as 'inactive.' because pupils often return to the academy at a later date. However, parents do have the option when their child leaves of using the 'Right to be forgotten' option on the parent portal. If using this option your details are permanently removed from our database and you will no longer receive communication from us. This will only apply if fees are up to date and your child no longer attends the academy.

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